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Iranian American 2010 Census Coalition Mobilizes

posted Dec 24, 2009, 6:34 AM by Pooya Ghoddousi   [ updated Dec 24, 2009, 6:36 AM ]

The 2010 United States Census (the "Census") provides the Iranian community in the United States the opportunity to stand up and be counted.

Mandated by the United States Constitution, the Census is an official count of everyone residing in the United States that occurs every 10 years and includes people of all ages, races, and ethnic groups regardless of citizenship status.  The Census is used as a benchmark for businesses, professional organizations, and government officials in determining how social services are allocated, the influence of a minority community, and funding for critical community programs.  According to the 2000 Census, only 338,000 individuals were classified as Iranian Americans while the actual number is believed to be at least two or three times larger.  

The Iranian American 2010 Census Coalition is taking a proactive role to ensure that our community's statistics are accurately reflected and that it has access to key services and an enhanced political voice.  With that in mind, the Iranian American 2010 Census Coalition has assembled an informational and instructional pamphlet, available in both
English and Persian, to answer questions about the U.S. Census.