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This is a comparison among the prosperity indicators of Iran and three of the main migrant-receiving countries of the world. For more information on measuring national prosperity index see:

Iran  USA  Canada  Australia
And this one is comparing Iran with other developing nations:

Iran  China  Brazil
You can compare the prosperity index for any number of countries on this website: 
The diagrams on the left can help us understand why so many Iranians leave their country of origin for more developed countries. 

But what does this mean for Iranian individuals in comparison with the people in these other countries? does this mean that they are necessarily worse off in terms of happiness and personal prosperity? Can we say that the ones who have migrated to these countries are happier?

In order to find the answer we need you to participate in a survey. Please draw your own prosperity diagram on this website
and share the result with us (just save the image and email it to our contact). 

We will use your results anonymously to find out if we have found a collective way to enhance our prosperity through strategies like global mobility. 

Here is an example of a personal prosperity diagram drawn on this website by a 34 year old male respondent (it took less than 3 minutes):

We will superimpose some of these results and compare them to average results from nationals of other countries back on this website.

N.B. Using the above method that is developed by Legatum Institute TM does not mean that it is without flaws. For example it is not originally designed to account for people who live multiple countries at the same time, but since it is user-friendly and it provides a standard scale for comparison. If you have more time and want to be more precise please fill the questionnaire that is designed specifically for this project.